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About Me

I'm ME, Mark Embry.  Over the years I've found that doing you and doing your passion will bring out the best.  Waking up early is easier when it's for something you love to do.

It all started when i would steal my dad's home video camera back in the '80s to video tape my siblings and friends doing dumb kid stuff.  After years and years of creating and editing these videos using a camcorder and two VHS recorders, I realized how much I truly love making videos.  (I'm so thankful for the evolution of video technology)

Today, I've been able to partner with so many great people that are looking to grow their business with some type of compelling video and I get to help them create it.  The process is fun.  Creating is fun.  It's hard work, however work that I love to do.

The name MarkyBoy Productions came from my youth, when I was creating videos for fun.  It's now my company's name as I will continue what I started when I was a kid.  I continue my passion for creating video content to make you smile.  To compel.  To inspire.

I look forward to working with you.

Phone: 206-300-7559


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